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Wow!! I can't believe it's been a year since my last post?!?! I'm so sorry everyone! :( Let me tell you though... I will be back in action! It's been a crazy year and every crazier last almost 4 months! I have discovered lots of things and I have lots ideas that I want to share with the everyone in hopes I can save a few from the headaches, heart aches, and tears I've gone through.

This blog is going to be quite mixed... it's going to be personal advice for love and relationships, shopping and deals, products to use, ways to save money, and just general things I like to mention. A real mod podge of information so I hope some one if not everyone can find something useful out of it.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

It's the Little Things in Life

In this entry I am going to write on things of everyday life that I have discovered to be useful and will share with all my loving followers in hopes that it can be useful to you as well!

Today's little thing in life is Dermasil lotion. I've found this wonderful product at a very surprising place! Well, maybe not so suprising to all of us now a days since we all have to pinch our pennies, but none the less it was unlikely. I found this lotion at the Dollar Tree for, you guess it, $1.00. Now the reason I'm sharing this is because this stuff works like magic! It's the only lotion I have found to actually help with dry skin! Females and males alike can use it! So I know not all of my followers are from NJ where we have the Dollar Tree, but I would assume lots of other kinds of dollar stores would carry it too!

Dermasil Dry Skin Treatment Original Lotion hypo-allergenic, controls even severe dry skin

Feel free to ask me questins about it!

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  1. Thanks for the tip! You just never know what you'll find at the Dollar Tree.